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Chihiro Uomi (魚見 チヒロ), nicknamed "Womi", is the Student Council President of the Eiryou High School. For a long time she is only known by her family name (Uomi), until her full name is revealed in Chapter 416 of the manga.


Uomi is an attractive young girl with black hair tied in twin tails. Perhaps her most notable feature are her eyes, which are deadpan and empty-looking. She also has a sizeable bust, something which Shino Amakusa notices and becomes greatly annoyed at.

Uomi is usually seen wearing the Eiryou High School uniform, which consists of a white blouse with a red necktie over a light blue knitted sweater and a dark blue skirt. While attending her relative's wedding ceremony however, she replaces her sweater with a dark blue blazer which has her school's emblem.


Uomi is portrayed throughout the series as a calm and polite girl who never loses her temper nor raises her voice. However, she is shown to be just as perverted as Shino, and like her, does not hesitate in speaking lewd jokes in public, especially towards Takatoshi Tsuda, whom she expresses a clear romantic interest in. She also seems particularly fond of Suzu Hagimura as Uomi will almost always hug her whenever the two meet each other.

Unlike Shino, Uomi is not afraid to express her feelings of Takatoshi, as after it is revealed that the two are related through marriage, Uomi immediately asks Takatoshi and his younger sister Kotomi Tsuda to address her as Onee-chan (older sister), while she will address them as Taka-kun and Kotomi-chan respectively. She is also quick to perform romantic advances on Takatoshi, such as regularly visiting his home, cooking for him and even suggesting they both get married, which unfortunately causes Shino and Suzu (who are also interested in Takatoshi) to get jealous.

Character summary[]

The Student Council President for Eiryo High School, she was sent to Ousai for a day as part of a school exchange program, so that each school learn more about each other and how they operate, in order to improve themselves. Being impressed with how they handle things at their respective schools, Uomi and Shino Amakusa exchange email and phone numbers by the end of the day.

She visits Ousai again during Ousai's Cultural Festival as a fill in for Eiryou High School's softball team, as she had played softball before joining the Student Council. When Suzu Hagimura hears that Uomi and Shino talk to each other outside of school, they both confirm to her that they do, because the both share similar traits, even their perverted ones.

She is usually on good terms with Shino and the Student Council members, that she is often invited to events outside of school, such as Aria's family's hot springs. She also invites them to Eiryo's Cultural Festival.

She seems interested in Hagimura as Uomi often greets her with a hug, even though Hagimura seems rather hesitant about it.

During the 2nd season of the anime, Uomi and Takatoshi Tsuda and Kotomi Tsuda become relatives after finding out that they were attending the same wedding, as the groom is Tsuda's cousin and the bride is Uomi's cousin. At the wedding reception, realizing they are now related through marriage, she forces Tsuda to call her "Onee-chan" (big sister) from now on and she will call Tsuda and Kotomi "Taka-kun" and "Kotomi-chan".

Like Shino, she tries to make some sort of perverted comment, although she ends up delivering it in a deadpan style, losing much of its effect. She views herself as being unsociable and emotionless, admitting that until high school, she wasn't very outgoing and also questioning whether or not she is really qualified as Uomi has black hair (which has a very similar hair color to Shino Amakusa) that is tied in twin tails and empty dark eyes.


Shino Amakusa[]

Aria Shichijō[]

Aria gets along with everyone, and Uomi is no exception. They have similar tastes, and Aria has lent her novsly when meeting with Takatoshi, something that did not go unnoticed.

Takatoshi Tsuda[]

Takatoshi was horrified to realise that Uomi was just as bad as Shino, though not as outspoken. When she and Shino are making perverted jokes together, Takaoshi can only lament the fact that they were both Student Council Presidents and yet were still making dirty jokes.

In addition, Uomi is perhaps the only character in the series who has a serious talk with Takatoshi without a perverted joke cutting in. Early in the second season of the anime, she encounters Takatoshi as he is going home from grocery shopping and the two chat while walking together. Uomi directly asks if he is interested in anyone from the Student Council (i.e. Shino, Aria or Suzu), which he denies. In response, she suggests living high school life to the fullest so as to be without regrets before bidding him goodbye. Takatoshi is left confused by her statement.

Later still, during the wedding ceremony that unites their families through marriage, Uomi insists Takatoshi address her as "Onee-chan" (Big sister) and begins addressing him as "Taka-kun" (which takes him by surprise). She leaves him and Kotomi while smiling and chanting his name as she descends a flight of stairs.

In the second anime series, it's hinted she is now a semi-regular visitor to the Tsuda residence, something that causes Suzu (who is also hinted at having feelings for Takatoshi) to worry. The manga, on the other hand, has already shown several occasions where Uomi visits the Tsuda home. Unusually, one set of 4-koma panels focuses on the Tsudas and Uomi only, without the other characters appearing.

At the end of Episode 12 of the second anime series, Takatoshi meets with Uomi just after parting with Shino. After a short conversation where Uomi is visibly pleased and smiling, the pair walk home together. The sight stuns Shino, Mutsumi and Suzu, the three girls most hinted at having romantic feelings for Takatoshi.


  • President of the student council at Eiryou High School
  • First appears in the 3rd OVA
  • Has trouble giving speeches to large groups.

    Uomi giving Suzu another hug.

  • Sometimes nicknamed "Womin".
  • Occasionally greets people childishly, in contrast to her normal quiet and adult-like personality.
  • After becoming related to the Tsuda siblings through marriage, she addresses Kotomi as "Kotomi-chan" and Takatoshi as "Taka-kun".
  • In the 1st OVA for season 2, she has a part time job at a fast food restaurant.
  • Her Vice-President is Mori-san, who acts as her tsukkomi.
  • Her phone number is 8008135 (BOOBIES)

Places associated with Uomi[]


  • Chihiro's surname Uomi means "fish" (魚) (uo) and "to see/watch" (見) (mi).
  • Uomi addresses Mrs. Tsuda (the mother of Takatoshi Tsuda and Kotomi Tsuda) as "Okaa-san", using the kanji that translates to "Mother-in-law".
  • In the 12th volume of the manga, Uomi reveals that her first name is "Christina". However, this turns out to be a joke name she thought up. But in the 13th volume, her first name was revealed to be "Chihiro".
  • At the first movie, Uomi invites tsuda to be with her. Shino who heard it misinterpreted that she invited Tsuda to transfer to the Eiryou High School. At the end of the movie, it is known that it turns out that Uomi asked Tsuda to marry her.
  • Uomi has a theme that plays whenever she shows up in the scene.