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The Judo Club (in Japanese juudoubu) is a fairly young club at Ousai Private Academy. It was founded in the same year that the series began and Ousai became a co-ed school. It was founded by Mitsuba Mutsumi, a first year student, along with four of her friends (including Chiri Nakazato and Nanako Umibe). Unlike the similarly young Robot Research Club, the Judo Club had the minimum number of students to be made official (five members are necessary to form an official club) and so is acknowledged by the school. The Judo Club has since then taken part in several tournaments and done several activities.

Relations with the Student Council[]

The Judo Club has a very good relationship with the Student Council, a large part due to the fact the captain Mutsumi and Council Vice-President Takatoshi are friends and classmates. The Student Council are some of the Judo Club's most loyal supporters, often cheering them on during matches. They also sometimes act as managers (i.e. people who help with washing, cleaning and general housekeeping duties for a club).

Members of the Judo Club and Student Council (and Kotomi)

In return, the Judo Club are active participants in many of the Student Council's activities. At the Council's request, the club even held self-defense demonstrations for the students. It is sometimes hinted that part of the reason for this is because of Mutsumi's crush on Takatoshi (in the manga, Mutsumi agrees to hold the demonstration as soon as Takatoshi brings it up), but overall the relationship between the Judo Club and Student Council is a mutually beneficial one.

Notable People[]

Notable Members[]

The core members of the Judo Club (minus Toki)

Occasional visitors[]



  • While the Judo Club apparently has many members, most appear to be part-timers. This number includes Nanako Umibe, one of the original members. The core group who seem to take part everyday are Mutsumi, Chiri and Toki, along with a couple of (unnamed) original members.