Michishita-Sensei (literally 'Teacher Michishita') is one of the few teachers who appear in the series. She makes more than one appearance and has more interaction with the cast than other teachers who appeared previously (such as the World History Teacher who interviewed Kotomi Tsuda), but far less than her colleague Naruko Yokoshima.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Michishita-sensei is a beautiful young woman with long black straight hair worn in a braid in addition to long bangs that frame her face. She has big round purple eyes and normally has a soft smile on her face. Thus far, her teaching outfit is a long-sleeved violet business shirt along with a purplish-blue jacket and matching trousers. This gives her a very professional appearance, especially compared to the more casual-looking Naruko or Daimon-sensei.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Michishita-sensei is a bright and soft-spoken teacher who appears to get along well with her students. She addresses her students with the honorific '-san', showing her politeness.

Relationships[edit | edit source]


Michishita-sensei's fiancee. The two of them seem very much in love, as the otherwise gruff Daimon-sensei becomes bashful around her. During the 2nd Year field trip to Okinawa, he took the time to collect some star sand for her simply because she offhandedly mentioned she wanted to find some.

At this time in the manga she is on maternity leave with their first child.

Michishita-sensei giggles at something Daimon-sensei said

Shino Amakusa (addressed as 'Amakusa-san')

In their brief interactions, Michishita-sensei seems quite familiar with Shino and relies on her in her role as Student Council President. She is evidently unaware of Shino's perverted tendencies.

Naruko Yokoshima (addressed as 'Yokoshima-sensei')

Michishita-sensei seems to respect Naruko as a more experienced teacher and colleague, but still kept a close watch on her during the Second Year field trip to Okinawa. However, when Suzu Hagimura went missing (she'd gotten separated from her group), she deferred to Naruko. Any respect she may have gained for Naruko likely evaporated when she walked in on Naruko about to perform a sex act using a school aquarium.

Locations associated with Michishita-sensei[edit | edit source]

Michishita-sensei is the Chorus Club advisor

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Michishita-Sensei is the fourth female teacher to appear in the series after Naruko, the World History teacher mentioned above and the Cooking teacher who made a brief appearance in OVA No 7 (specifically the Squid and Takatoshi segment).
  • When heavy snowfall covered Ousai, Michishita-sensei joined the Student Council, Daimon-sensei and Naruko in clearing the snow.
  • Later in the series (after Ch. 400) is implied that Michishita-Sensei is on a maternity leave.
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