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The Music Room (in Japanese ongakushitsu lit. Music Room) is where the students of Ousai Private Academy study music. It is also the de facto Chorus Club room, as it is where they practice after school.


As the Music Room has only made a few appearances, the exact location is unknown.


Unlike the Student Council Room (which is a room modified from its original use), the Music Room is specialised for the teaching of music. Among other things, this includes storage space for various musical instruments. The centerpiece of the Music Room is the grand piano, which can be used to help accompany singers (or the Chorus Club members).

It also has stands for musical scores or lyrics, as well as cd players to play songs.

Notable People[]


Frequent visitors[]

The Student Council rarely visits the Music Room, even during inspections. A large part of this is due to the fact the already upright and strict Head of the Disciplinary Committee Kaede is a frequent user, and so there is no need to worry about anything being out of order.


  • The Music Room made its first appearance in the first episode of the first anime. It was one of the places Shino showed Takatoshi when she gave him a tour of the school.
  • The Music Room is allegedly haunted, with the eyes of the pictures following people around. Ranko Hata opts to tease Kaede by claiming that the furniture in the room transformed into boys at night, causing Kaede to freak out.