Compared to her friends the pure but energetic Mutsumi Mitsuba and the tomboyish Chiri Nakazato, Nanako Umibe is far girlier and comes off as slightly flaky. She makes her first appearance alongside Mutsumi, Chiri and the other members of the soon-to-be-formed Judo Club, and is rarely appears except as part of that group.


In all her appearances, Nanako is shown to be rather normal compared to most of the cast. She is cheerful and nearly always smiling. She does not appear to be as physically fit as her friends but she soldiers on nonetheless. She is also apparently fond of manga, as she quoted one during the school send-off ceremony for the Judo Club.


Mutsumi Mitsuba (addressed as 'Mutsumi')

Nanako was the first one of Mutsumi's friends to urge her to talk to Takatoshi Tsuda for help in setting up the Judo Club. Along with the others, she literally pushed Mutsumi towards Takatoshi to get her to talk to him.

Like the other members, Nanako is aware of Mutsumi's feelings for Takatoshi, but unlike Chiri is content to leave them be.

Chiri Nakazato

When Nanako injured herself, Chiri was one of the first to come to her aid. The two of them are the core of Mutsumi's circle of friends, and appear to be on the same wavelength most of the time.

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  • Compared to Chiri, Nanako makes few appearances and even then usually only as part of the Judo Club group.
  • While by the second season of the anime, Chiri is already a black belt in Judo and Mutsumi was one since the first season, Nanako is still a white belt (the lowest rank). It is entirely possible she simply hasn't taken any grading tests to upgrade her belt, as she once outran Chiri (who is one of the few club members able to almost keep pace with Mutsumi) and she is normally seen in the background of judo practice.