A recurring secondary character, Nao-chan, along with her boyfriend Yoshi-kun, are Ousai's most well-known couple. In almost all her appearances, she is together with Yoshi-kun. She is often scolded by Kaede Igarashi for being too affectionate at school, while Student Council President Shino Amakusa will either scold her or give her advice depending on her mood at that particular moment.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Nao-chan comes off as being a fairly normal girl who is completely lovestruck with Yoshi-kun. While often scolded for being overly affectionate, she doesn't seem to do it out of spite, rather she simply forgets everything else when she and Yoshi-kun are together. She is rather doting, happily doing stereotypical things like making (and feeding) him lunch or planning to make a sweater for him.

That said, the fact she thinks all the kissing, cuddling and so on she and Yoshi-kun have done merely "getting along" makes her seem more than a little bit ditsy. She only makes a proper attempt at a love confession after consulting Shino.

Relationships[edit | edit source]


She and Yoshi-kun are madly in love with each other and nearly always together. They will often be found holding hands or having lunch together, and they've been discovered kissing on campus on more than one occasion (much to the anger and frustration of Discipline Committee Chairman Kaede Igarashi).

Kaede Igarashi

Kaede can often be found scolding Nao-chan and Yoshi-kun for going overboard with their displays of affection. She tries to restrain herself, not wanting to be seen as too inflexible when it comes to the school rules on dating, but since Nao-chan and Yoshi-kun are unafraid to kiss even on campus Kaede finds it extremely difficult.

Kaede has tried to be more understanding and simply warn them not to be so overly affectionate in school, but more often that not she hasn't much choice but to snap at them.

Shino Amakusa

Nao-chan and Yoshi-kun are scolded by Shino.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite her repeated appearances, Nao-chan was only named in Chapter 347 when a narration panel gives her name.
  • The same chapter reveals that she hasn't exactly confessed her feelings for Yoshi-kun, and that she apparently considers all their actions so far (e.g. eating lunch together, cuddling, kissing) to simply be "getting along." The Student Council are left dumbstruck by the admission.
  • Before being named, Nao-chan and Yoshi-kun were collectively known among fans as Ousai's sickening sweethearts (バカップル) for their overly affectionate flirting.
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