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The Newspaper Club Room (in Japanese shinbunbushitsu) is where the Ousai Private Academy newspaper club prepares the school newspaper. It has been visited by the Student Council on several occasions, such as during inspections and when consulting with the Newspaper Club.


The exact location is unknown, but judging how only tips of the trees are visible outside the window it is possibly on the third floor.


Similar in design to the Student Council Room, the Newspaper Club Room has many of the same features (e.g. a whiteboard, noticeboards and cabinets). The biggest difference is that the Newspaper Club Room has three teacher desks pushed together instead of one large folding table like the Student Council Room.

The Student Council visiting the Newspaper Club Room

As befitting a club that produces the school newspaper, the Newspaper Club Room is also equipped with one desktop computer, a printer and at least two laptops. In addition, there are also handheld recorders for use during interviews as well as headphones used to transcribe the interviews into writing.

The Newspaper Club also stores their findings and information in the room, though Ranko admits some of the details they have could get other people (including members of the Student Council and her own club) into trouble.

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  • The school newspaper is more accurately called the school newsletter, as it is made up of a single sheet with various headlines and stories on it.