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Ousai Private Academy (桜才学園 Ōsai Gakuen) is the main setting of the series and where most of the characters either attend (in the case of students) or work (in the case of teachers). While it had a long history of being an all-girls high school, due to declining birth rates it has transitioned into a co-ed. The ratio of male to female students at the start of the series was 7:131, the ratio is now somewhat more even after a year of becoming co-ed.

Notable people[]




Ousai Private Academy, like many Japanese high schools, offer a range of clubs catering to a variety of interests. These clubs often compete to recruit new members when new students enter the school, as a club is not officially acknowledged unless it has a minimum of five students (and without official recognition, the club cannot receive funding from the school).

Clubs with main/supporting characters as members[]

Mentioned or briefly seen clubs[]

  • Art club
  • Biology club
  • Horticulture club
  • Soccer club
  • Softball club
  • Swimming club

Notable locations within Ousai Private Academy[]

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  • In Takatoshi's first year, Ousai celebrated its 50th anniversary.
  • There is a tree in the Ousai Private Academy grounds where it's alleged that if someone confesses their feelings, the couple will be together forever. Takatoshi realises that Ousai was an all-girls school for that entire time and promptly decides to forget the information.