Rika Koyama (Koyama sensei, literally Teacher Koyama in Japanese) is the most recent add of the Faculty staff in Ousai Academy. Previously, she was teacher in training in the same elementary school were Shino was Student Council President.

Appearance Edit

Koyama sensei has middle size brownish hair, sometimes she fixes in a way to show one of her ears and brown eyes. She is roughly of the same height as Aria and has a slender figure.

As teacher she does not have to wear a uniform but she usually wears different styles of clothing, from t-shirts and sports tracking suits to female suits.

Personality Edit

As described by Shino, Koyama sensei has a kind and caring personality. She normally takes her duties as teacher with responsibility. She does not hesitate to help the students when need it.

It is hinted that she is sometimes worried about not having a boyfriend but not as much as Yokoshima sensei. Also she appears to have the same old fashion traits as Furuya san.

Relationships Edit

Shino Amakusa

They both met at Elementary School, when Koyama sensei was a Teacher in training and Shino was the Student Council President. While Shino considers her as a caring person she does not hesitate in pity her for been single at her age. On the other side, Koyama sensei considers Shino a great student but worries about her perverted personality hoping she eventually change.

Naruko Yokoshima

Being both female teachers and singles, they paired up almost immediately. Yokoshima sensei perverted nature and Koyama sensei common sense behaviour make them a good pair of boke and tsukkomi expanding the possibilities of more stories focusing in the faculty staff.

Places associated with Koyama sensei Edit

Details Edit

  • She first appeared in an omake story at the end of volume 3 of the manga titled "Jidoukai Yakuindomo" (Elementary School Student Council in Japanese), placed when Shino was in grade school. Those stories were animated in the chapter 15 of the first season (OAD 2).
  • Her arrived at Ousai Academy was in the manga chapter 313. It was animated at the movie.
  • At her time as teacher in training, she was questioned by Shino whether she had a boyfriend. When answering no, she was pitiful of her for been a virgin. After arriving to Ousai and been asked the same by Kotomi, she prefered to answer to leave at her students imagination. Pointing out a very perverted comment of Aria she frantically reply she do not have one.
  • At first meeting Furuya san, she followed her old fashion statement with easy, hinted that she is also an old fashion girl.
  • It still not fully disclosed what her teaching subject is, but she has been showed carrying a chemistry book during lesson (with geometric figures on it).