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The Robot Research Club Room (in Japanese robottokenkyuubushitsu) is where the Ousai Private Academy Robot Research Club carries out their activities. These activities primarily involve the programming, development and testing of robots, though the club head Nene Todoroki is infamous for her interest in sex toys and sometimes makes use of the club's facilities.

Both the room and the club can be shortened to Robo-ken (in Japanese roboken), from the words robotto (robot) and kenkyuu (research).


The Robo-ken room is on one of the upper floors (the occasional scenes that take place in the room show only part of the trees outside). Otherwise, there isn't much information on where the room is, even in relation to the Student Council Room.


The Robo-ken room is one of the most well-equipped of all the club rooms, containing a lot of specialised equipment that can be used to build, modify and program robots and other electronic devices. Everything from screwdrivers to soldering tools are found inside, and see a lot of work.

Notable People[]


  • Nene Todoroki: Robot Research Club Head

    Suzu often visits Nene in the Robo-ken room.

Frequent visitors[]

  • Suzu Hagimura: Student Council Treasurer (and Nene's best friend)


  • Among the decorations of the Robo-ken room are two robot figures based on the famous anime robots Mazinger Z and the RX-78-2 Gundam.

    Robots based on Mazinger Z and the Gundam are visible on the far left.