Sayaka Dejima (in Japanese Dejima Sayaka) is a maid of the Shichijō family, specifically Aria Shichijō's personal maid. Like many other characters, she is extremely perverted. However, unlike Naruko Yokoshima, she is extremely competent and reliable.

She is addressed and referred to as Dejima-san.

Appearance Edit

Dejima-san has dark eyes and long black hair she normally keeps tied up. She usually appears in her maid outfit (since she is Aria's personal maid) but on occasion will wear appropriate clothing (e.g. during a hike in the mountains, she wore sturdy hiking clothes). In such cases, she normally keeps her hair in a ponytail.

Personality Edit

While Dejima-san normally displays a professional, almost deadpan personality, she sometimes gets overexcited. When that happens, she can act as immature as Naruko Yokoshima (who many characters point out is somewhat childish).

That said, she normally speaks in an extremely polite, controlled tone of voice, and demonstrates the ability to perform well in just about any circumstance Aria requires.

She is also apparently quite sexually active, and is experienced at being a dominatrix.


Aria Shichijō addressed as 'Ojou-sama' ('My Lady')

Dejima nurses a massive (and many people would say inappropriate) love for Aria. Some strips show that her love borders on stalking, as she sometimes watches Aria sleep at night. This revelation freaks out Takatoshi and Suzu, but Aria seems to take it in her stride.

Naruko Yokoshima

Suzu's Mother

Takatoshi Tsuda

While Takatoshi is respectful towards Dejima-san, he isn't above delivering tsukkomi as necessary. On Dejima-san's part, she occasionally shows that she wouldn't be above having a fling with Takatoshi, but as she also hints at sleeping around quite a bit it's likely she's only interested in him for the sex.

That said, she once put him in bondage ropes for accidentally walking in on Aria while she was in the shower.

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Trivia Edit

  • She wears contact lenses.
  • According to her, she was only recently hired after Aria entered the second year of high school.
  • While she mentions her specialities are cooking and cleaning, among her talents are driving (both regular vehicles and customised limousines), skiing, swimming and identifying edible plants in the mountains and forests. She also mentions being skilled at various sexual activities, but this is unsurprising considering Naruko and Suzu's Mother are apparently no slouches in that department.
  • While Dejima-san is Aria's personal maid, Chapter 297 reveals she also answers to the head butler Hashitaka-san.