The Student Council Room (in Japanese Seitokai-shitsu) is where much of the series takes place. At least one skit or gag will take place in the Student Council Room, and it is often where a storyline will begin.

Location[edit | edit source]

The exact location of the Student Council Room is not known, but it is on one of the upper floors. It overlooks several trees and houses nearby Ousai Private Academy. The comparatively short distance from trees occasionally results in insects flying into the room.

The height of the trees suggest the Student Council Room is possibly on the second floor

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The Student Council Room is noticeably smaller than a regular classroom and so is most likely a former storeroom. Among the equipment and utilities inside the Student Council Room are a number of cabinets containing files related to Student Council business (e.g. minutes from meetings, plans of previously held events/ activities and financial records). A large table is placed in front of the window, giving the Student Council members ample natural light while they carry out their duties. While normally five chairs are present (one for each Council member and one guest), there are apparently a few spares as well.

File cabinets are visible to the right

Most prominent is the whiteboard, where notes and reminders are written down and posters are put up (also to act as reminders). Next to it is a small cabinet with a television and a dvd-player. Next to the door is a noticeboard where more posters and reminders are stuck using pushpins. There is another whiteboard affixed to the wall next to the noticeboard, but it does not seem to be used. The room also has a printer, but the Student Council hasn't been seen actually using it.

There is also a smaller room attached to the Student Council Room. It is possibly a storeroom, as Shino once went inside to collect anti-ghost charms when about to investigate an alleged haunting.

Picture showing the whiteboard and the view outside the window

Angled shot showing the door to the smaller storeroom at the top near the center

Notable People[edit | edit source]

Users[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the second season of the anime, the Student Council Room is shown to be close to the first year classrooms.
  • Aria and Shino often keep various knick-knacks inside the Student Council Room, most infamously the sex toy that caused Takatoshi trouble in the 'Squid and Takatoshi' segments of the second anime.
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